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Repeat Prescriptions

 The Telephone Prescription line ceased to operate on the 8th January 2018.

We will no longer accept telephone requests for prescriptions.  Please pick up a leaflet about how to order your prescription.

Ordering your repeat prescriptions

Do you use or have access to the Internet via your mobile phone, tablet or computer?

  YES - ON-LINE ordering of your prescription? Ask for a form from reception to sign up for on-line access to your repeat prescription.

   NO - Are you active? Do you come into town regularly?  Tick your  REPEAT PRESCRIPTION SLIP and put in the box in the surgery. If you are not active - Do you have a regular pharmacy? Ask your pharmacy how they can help you order your prescription - only order what you need. 


Due to ever increasing demands on our repeat prescription service we would like to ask you to support us making this service more efficient.  In future please use one of the following methods to order your online prescription.

1.  ONLINE ordering of your prescription via the internet

If you have access to the internet please ask reception for a form for on-line access to your medical record.  This is the most efficient and safest way to order your medications.  It means that there is a full record of your request and ensures you receive the correct prescription.

2. Tick your REPEAT PRESCRIPTION SLIP (The right hand side of your prescription)

If you are able and active you can tick the items you require on your repeat prescription slip and put it into the box at the prescription desk in the surgery.  If you do not have a current repeat prescription slip please ask at the prescription desk and we will print one for you.

3.  Order your medication through your local pharmacy

If you have your prescriptions dispensed at the same pharmacy every time you can speak to them about the services they offer in relation to ordering prescriptions.  Please make sure you only order what you need - this does not mean that it will be removed from your repeat prescription.  It just prevents medicines being wasted and saves the NHS money.

4.  REPEAT DISPENSING - up to a year's prescription from one request!

If you take the same medicines every day and have done for several months without any dose changes then please ask at the prescription desk or ask your pharmacy about repeat dispensing.  This may allow you to have up to 12 months of prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice.


Finally,  we would like as many patients as possible to consider using the ELECTRONIC PRESCRIPTION SERVICE - your prescription can then be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.  Please ask your pharmacist how to sign up to this system.

When will my prescription be ready?

The minimum time we need to process a request is two full working days

Prescription order/ready times


Prescription order placed with surgery (online, via pharmacies or left in box)

Prescription printed and signed ready for collection from surgery or sent back to your pharmacy.


Monday BEFORE 1pm

Wednesday after 1pm




You will need to speak to your pharmacy to check when your medicines will be ready to collect from them.

Monday AFTER 1pm

Wednesday after 5pm

Tuesday BEFORE 1pm

Thursday after 1pm

Tuesday AFTER 1pm

Thursday after 5pm

Wednesday BEFORE 1pm

Friday after 1pm

Wednesday AFTER 1pm

Friday after 5pm

Thursday BEFORE 1pm

Monday after 1pm

Thursday AFTER 1pm

Monday after 5pm

Friday BEFORE 1pm

Tuesday after 1pm

Friday AFTER 1pm/Saturday/Sunday

Tuesday after 5pm

Bank holidays


For most repeat prescriptions we will accept requests up to 7 days before your next prescription is due.  Please allow a minimum of TWO working days - remember Saturday and Sunday are not working days!


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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Brewer Wallace Solicitors Carr Lane Kennels Ltd